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Truth brings about Insanity
Simple minds, blessed thoughts
Safe from the truth, protected from rot.
Enlightened minds find no accord
To be locked away is all that we desire
Thrown into a dark age, full of concord
Not as we are now, full of hate, hearts on fire. (maybe sing this line faster, emphasis on fire? i dunno, not a singer.)
Simple minds, blessed thoughts
Safe from the truth, protected from rot.
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I am the Beast that was, is not, yet is
Armaggedon draws near
Three nations shall fall
Leaders trembling in fear
And He has ascendance, over it all.
I am the Beast that was, is not, yet is
Bearing the Mark; Triple Tau
Mortal wounds, harm Him, naught.
With disregard for all law
He shall claim all he sought.
I am the Beast that was, is not, yet is
Bearing 'Messiah' as title
The masses will sway
Turning against Him is futile
Though the suicidal just may.
I am the Beast that was, is not, yet is
Antichrist is born
A revelation for our world.
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Like a parasite of the soul.
I see your faults.
I cling to your debilities
I suck at your heart
It's all natural abilities.
Born to feed off the life of the supine
Morals: none. Humanity: none.
Between life and death there isn't even a fine line.
I start out small, but I readily assail
It's either cause you're weak
Or it's either cause you're frail.
I get inside of you like a damned infection
Don't even try to persevere; I promise there's no protection.
You thought before me you were enervated?
Fool look now; you're practically eradicated.
It's all just like.. a parasite of the soul..
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Ecstatic Anguish
One man's Paradise; another's Nightmare
One walks outside
The sun is shining
Another leaves
And ends up dying
One man's Paradise; another's Nightmare
Peaceful tranquility
Blankets the land.
The unforgiving desert
Offers nothing but sand
One man's Paradise; another's Nightmare
A gentle breeze
Relaxs, calms, soothes.
A twitch of fear
At the first thing that moves
One man's Paradise; another's Nightmare
Lucious grass
Bountiful life
The barren desert
Nothing but strife
One man's Paradise; another's Nightmare
One Land
One Location
One Mind.
Ecstatic Anguish
Ecstatic Anguish
Ecstatic Anguish
One man's Paradise; His own Nightmare
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The door- unhinged.
The walls battered
The ceiling singed
The windows shattered.
Amongst the ruin- the truth- hidden
Somewhere in the decay
Shrouded in a world of lies- truth forbidden.
A single child caught in the fray
Awaken the night
Awaken the day
Awaken the world.
Fire in his eyes
No origin- no surprise.
Bloodied fists, bloodied hands
The fire burning
He stays where he stands.
Engulfed in flame
The child- unstirring
For him all is the same
In a world of lies where truth be unknown
Death will arise twice as fast as life will be sewn.
The child- our God.
His house- our World.
His pain- our fault.
"I've never seen a race so intent on its own destruction"
I couldn't agree more.
Rest in peace-
Planet Earth.
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A Thief: Unknown
My pace picked up, no longer a fast walk but a glide, yes, a glide. My feet felt as though they were gliding across the white floor. And that was it. I had exited the building, and I was out. I was safe.
I began to quickly walk from the building to my house, it was a good forty-five minute walk, but I didn't mind, I had just made off with over $400 worth of stolen merchandise from the local electronics store.
The small, metallic trinkets clanking in my jacket pocket, they were the ones, they made me feel alive. Nothing in this world was greater than the rush I felt.
This is the way I am, this is the way I've lived. I can't say I did this to survive, because I didn't, I did it for the adrenaline rush my body had become addicted, or more, accustomed to. This is me. I am James Raine, I have nothing to gain, and nothing to lose.
"Hey.. kid.. come 'ere for a minute.." a gruff voice yelled as I was heading towards the center of the parking lot, as I turned my head I could see it was one of t
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What comes around goes around.
Alone in the cold
Bearing the weight of the world
He sets his burden within
The last boomerang
Filling it with sin.
What comes around goes around.
Hurls it across
Lands unknown
Through time, through all
It has been thrown.
What comes around goes around.
With force of impact
The man is stung
Alive but barely in tact.
The boomerang's Song is sung.
What goes around comes around.
Don't dish out what you can't handle.
This is the downfall of the world.
Our world.
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Sacha's 'The Gray'
It's not in the white that you really think,
Nor is it in the black.
It washes over us as we peer into the gray.
For in the white, all seems well.
The gray is hidden, and the brightness
Makes us grin and close our minds.
And in the black...we cannot dare to look.
It is what we do not want to see.
It reigns in the shadows of our souls.
Out of fear we turn our back.
But when we dip into another realm,
Such as October in the evening,
The sky is one even cloud,
and the world is cold and gray.
The bare trees bend,
and dead leaves rustle with angry wind.
It is a very ghastly calm,
But this is when we can truly see.
It is not so black that we run away,
Nor is it so white that we look it past.
It is where we can rethink things.
It is on these days when I ponder
As I gently swing in the park,
Revisited by my haunting thoughts.
Of the white and of the black,
This is when we can only see
What truly lies within us.
It is hidden in the eerie gray
That dwindles and totters...
And soon washes away.
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And as the boy stepped out from the veil of the darkened alleyway and into the moonlit streets, his head hung low, his face filled with sorrow and shame, and the gun that still clung to his hand which shook with an intense violence, I could clearly see his face for the first time since he entered my life, I could clearly see the face of the one who ripped apart my happiness, my harmony, and my love, I could clearly see the face of Vaerce, the boy who called himself… Vaerce Aerista.
As I saw his face in its natural state I could see that it was cold and hardened, his crystal blue eyes shone with intense ambition, and perhaps, a hint of longing. But the one thing that shocked me most of all about it, is that aside from all the seriousness of it, there was a strong sense of mockery written all over his face, as if he was taunting me.
As I looked closer I could make out the details of his clothes. He wore a long silky red jacket that draped far below his waist and about half-way to his kne
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Standing in the street like that, standing there so calmly, standing there...
It almost seemed like he was one of us.
His green eyes, pierced through my core- I could swear he saw right through me, at that moment he saw everything, my dreams, my memories, my weaknesses, my fears.
His shoulder-length, greasy black hair, whipping at his face in the wind.
Not much more of his face could be made-out, not only was he cloaked in the darkness of this moonless night, but the mask he wore upon his face concealed more than half his profile, ll that could be seen were those icy green eyes, and the malevolent smile he wore where the mask cut off, just under his nose.
His contradictious look made me hate him all the more. He set out to commit these crimes, and he was dressed so formally, as if he were attending a funeral, though, in many ways he was. The black tuxedo he wore: not a scratch on it despite the struggle, the top hat stood firmly in place, the white gloves: not a drop of blood on them.
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the waves fall crashing,crashing down
the sand it fled, left right up down
and to the dark waters it retreats
pulling all in to the weathery deeps
no ocean sees what eye with my own
none of them will know my mold
so i see to be the ones in the sea.
see bees sees sees nees yees reesm
wlol i turning in tsi in
for ec my ssginement for HOMEWORL
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The chameleon.
He walks like a man
Talks like a man
But has the heart of a chameleon.
A different person for each situation
Kind to the kind, smart to the smart
To the angry showing aggrivation
To relate with everone
The chameleon
The chameleon
They only hear what he wants them to hear.
In his heart, no truth, no lies.
Only half truthes here
Everyone a victim through the Chameleon's eyes.
They work for him without knowing.
With everything to gain, nothing to lose
He ensroudes himself in the sensation
The Chameleon.
You only hear what he wants you to hear.
Only half the story.
The story that appeals to you.
A different man for each task at hand.
No enemies
Only allies here.
The Chameleon.
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The walls feel cold
The blood moves high
The awning sings
The awning cries.
The sponge is broken
The spone is clear
My anchors are nothing
If not them all
Normality under influence
I bein to fall
Down down down down doen
But never to land.
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At long last the chains are gone
The scars are fading
I'm done pretending I'm happy
Done masquerading.
What you see is what you get
I wish that was it
Wish I could say what I meant.
But I've got much more than meets the eye.
Swim beneath the surface
You may never come back up.
Swim beneath the surface
Come, I dare you to try.
A long time ago
When I was still a kid
I cracked nearly in half
Broken under the thought of what I did.
When in truth you were at fault.
You beast, you animal, whatever you wish to be called.
It was because of you every time I tried to get up I would fall.
I hated you, hated it all.
I pinned the blame on myself
Not knowing the effects
I found myself cracking at the seam
Breaking under all this stress.
I locked myself away
Tried to drain it all away
But the thought of who I used to be
Relentlessly ceased to stay.
Now the chains are broken
I, myself am free
No longer held down
By the thought of what I used to be.
Unfortunately I've got more than one side.
I'm a stup
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It lives inside me.
Forever waiting.
It wants to come out
It gave it's life to be here.
But upon it's third strike it died down.
Killed by those it served
Live on
My body your host.
Mutual relationship.
You need me to live
And in turn I need you.
Live inside me
Breathe inside me.
Be me.
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Girl of the Night
Come soft, soft in the night
Enter the open window
Such a beautiful sight.
Flowing hair of night and onyx
One part elegance
Two parts wit
A dangerous mix.
A deepened black shadow
Dancing elegantely on the wall
A deepened black shadow
Dancing like falling snow.
More elegant than all.
Come soft, soft in the night
Enter the open window
Such a beautiful sight.
Eyes contaning mischief and wonder
Eyes that can break any man.
Eyes that have torn hearts asunder.
Flowing hair of night and onyx
One part elegance
Two parts wit
A dangerous mix.
Born of the night
Born of elegance
Born to love -and- fight.
Come soft, soft in the night
Enter the open window
Such a beautiful sight.
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United States
Current Residence: Palm Springs
Favourite genre of music: Trance
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog
Personal Quote: "Maelstrom come, all will be gone"
In the streets our lives are endangered
And in the streets friends become strangers.

The blackened streets clouded in lies
A gun is shot
Another one dies.

A brother to one
A sad remorse.

And in the streets
Lay the father's corpse.

In the streets
All our against us.

But in the streets
We know at least this much.
  • Listening to: Mastermind


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